Wednesday, December 16, 2009


an interview with..

1. Describe who you are and what you do in your own words.

I am Hezry Hafidz, also known as AG COCO on stage. I am a music director and the manager of Kamar Seni recording studio. I am currently working with several local bands and solo artistes as a producer. Other than that, I am with Hujan band as a lead-guitarist.

2. How often are you in your studio and what do you usually get up to?

My studio is where I live, my cribs! So I would be in the studio most of the time. I work from 18 to 20 hours a day. Usually I would be doing music arrangements and recordings.

3. Describe a typical day for AG Coco.

When I’m not attending or performing any event, a typical day for me would be hardly working in the studio. I only eat and sleep when necessary. Sometimes I didn’t open my studio’s entrance..and sometimes it also would be my room’s door. How pathetic is that?

4. What are you working on now and what do you have planned for 2010?

I am currently working with several solo artistes as a producer. Namely, Aiman Sidek, who won second place in Akademi Nasyid on Channel 9, the Best Actress award winner in Malaysian’s Film Festival 2009 & Anugerah Skrin, Liyana Jasmay, a new comer Ainul Aisyah, a new young talented designer, and video director, Isma Yusoof, and many more that shows I am really busy now! LOL! . In the meantime, I’m touring with Hujan for Mencari Konklusi Tour, we did successful shows in Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia, and we will be going to Sabah, Sarawak and Indonesia soon.

5. What are your feelings with being involved in Converse?

I feel lucky and proud because I’ve been wearing Converse's shoes and clothing since I was in school and until now Converse has been my favorite clothing line whether for casual or when I'm performing. I am also feeling honor to be trusted and to cooperate with Converse.

6. The tagline for Converse's current campaign is "You're it/You're on/You're up". So tell us what inspires you to be the best at what you do?

One thing that inspires me to be the best at what I do is probably knows the consequences, the good and the bad things. Then a goal, and set myself target and I'll make myself a promise like if I done all my works, my songs then I will get improve my skills of songwriting, music arrangements and compositions. That will lead to my over-all success.

But, there is also the other side, of not finishing the job. I'm sure there are lots of things that wouldn't come as such a positive result. Another thing that inspires me to do work is seeing other people's success. After all, they're just normal people like myself, and look at what they were able to accomplish because of their determination and ability not to give up, they were able to accomplish their success. Even though they probably felt like it plenty of times. You'll be glad once it's finished. A weight will be lifted off your shoulders. I hope this in itself was an inspiration. I don't know any musician who got to the top without hard work. Take whoever you want. They all work bloody hard, harder than you think.


Unknown said...

AG :) smart as always.

gdsjht said...


hzrh said...

di sebalik AG Coco atau di sebalik Kamar Seni?

Hezry Hafidz said...

ni interview ngn Converse.kamar seni tu tempiass sajaa..;p

hzrh said...

takpe AG,tempias tu penting okk!
interview AG,means utk Kamar Seni jugak!

mohdazzarul said...

betul tu Hazirah. he. You do a great job AG ! :)

p/s : Godin LGXT jual tak? haha

eJAI said...

waa..talking london maa..nice la..Tapi ayat yg last tu dh bese ulang dah..hehee

Unknown said...

warhh! Alhamdulillah..terbayaq segala usaha hg AG..tahniah2!!kluaq masuk spital hg pon terbayaq..walaupun aku x knal hg dan hg x knal aku..tapi aku tau apa yg hg lalui demi kamar seni (dari entry2 hg la..)hahah
ok semoga berjaya dunia akhirat!
murah rezeki AG..murah rezeki Coco..murah rezeki Hujan..murah rezeki semua..lalalalal..lagu bestday tuh

nashensem said...

terer hang ckp omputeh haha